Air-conditioned rooms with 2, 3, 4 respectively. 5 beds.

  • Shower
  • Toilet
  • mini-bar
  • internet use, wifi
  • cot, high chair
  • Cable TV


Our restaurant can hold 30-40 people.

The hotel guests can rent for events outside étkezésein added.

  • Perfect for:
  • Music and dance are a family get-togethers,
  • Company presentation, or other corporate events.
  • Class events



Family Stays family event for the little ones to the playground for an excellent occupation. The sandpit, jungle gym, swings, a garden trampoline park located in front of the pension field area. The sun beds for adults can be provided. The playground is part of a shadow, so the kids in the summer heat can also play. The playground around the plants provide an excellent opportunity for bújócskázáshoz. But it is a nice setting for adults to relax.

Closed parking

Parking is possible in front of the pension portion (inside the fence) and the board behind the sports field. Thus, a combination of up to several cars and even a bus you can also park. At night we close the fence gate.



First covered shaded patio

The first board covered patio, so even in rainy weather can be enjoyed on the tables to eat, chat and relax. The terrace shaded by pine trees, so here kiülni pleasant summer terrace and admire the surrounding bush flowers, plants.




On the terrace, ice hockey and billiards free of charge.
Film Screening: A patio or film screenings and other demonstrations can be organized. To do this, we can give you sound system and projector.



Rear terrace with barbecue

A partially covered terrace where you can enjoy breakfast at the table either. The sunbeds suntanning can be.
In the evening, a barbecue is the ideal venue. For this barbecue is also provided.

Both patio area can hold up to 24-30 people.


Asphalt sports

Football, basketball, volleyball matches, player and a popular venue for sporting competitions. Training and other space-consuming external events.
Ball, bikes, quads was able to provide.

Note: A quad is only possible to go on the pitch. Can not be taken out of circulation.

Bicycle rentals

Good bike to get around the area. The lakes are surrounded by promenades be organized bike ride, and a few landmarks nearest available bike a few kilometers added.
We rent bikes for adults and kids alike.


Baking - Cooking - Barbecue

A corporate event or a family excursion or a program can be a pleasure or a kettle grill or barbecue.

The cook stew in a covered and an open space can be provided. The location of the indoor cauldron behind the bike shed designed course. Thus, any time can be arranged in a kettle.

Barbecue is barbecue.


Mon orgász pier

The pension is located by the entrance. Pedal boats and boat is the Pier.

We offer anglers prefer the surrounding fisheries, as there are no fish regularly installed.


Event organizing

We undertake Birthdays, name days, banquets, corporate trainings to ensure the location of a maximum of up to 30 people!

House for rent!

Up to 5 people, min 3 nights, 15.000.-ft/éj (two bedrooms + living room, kitchen, bathroom, garden), 900m from the beach, 63 pictures in the gallery


  • Panoramas - Restaurant
    Panoramas - Restaurant
  • Panoramas - Entrance, parking
    Panoramas - Entrance, parking
  • Panoramas - Back terrace
    Panoramas - Back terrace
  • Corporate events
    Corporate events

    Continuing Education - Class - Istanbul

  • Class Trips
    Class Trips

    Beach - fun - relax

  • Anglers

    Fishing ... or associations.

  • Pensioners' Meetings
    Pensioners' Meetings

    holiday - Spa - Meeting retirement

  • Family Vacation
    Family Vacation

    Recreation - Recreation

  • Sports Camp
    Sports Camp

    Sports - game - fun - relax

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