Anglers, angling clubs

A real paradise for anglers Gyopáros lakes form. Most are regularly replaced, reinstall your stocks. Fishing spots around the lake formed in a calm and peaceful environment, provide fishing enthusiasts.

Pension is located directly on the shore. Very good hotel for fishermen, as the most distant lake is only 1-2 km away from us.

The lakes

  • Gyopáros South Lake: The weekend and holidays, except to go fishing only from sunrise to sunset.Weekends and holidays can fish even at night.
  • Peace Lake / Sand Mine Lake: The lake and its surroundings, the local Angling Association manages Kinizsi 
    The lake is located on the shores of events and fish keeper's house, where the local fishing Agree with important information about information. Typical fish species: carp, pike, perch, bream, catfish, carp, bream, perch, etc. (Orosháza Szentesi way).
  • Brick factory Lakes: day ticket redeemable at the snack bar on site. 
    High Water Fish, catfish and sporthorgászási possible. 
    The buffet cold drinks and fishing equipment is also available. 
    Children's playground and kettle making facilities (Orosháza fallow Gyopáros 6).
  • New sand mining: In particular for the so-called boilie anglers, caps designed to catch fish pond! 
    Weekend camping facilities. Established fishing places. Also check out the site (Orosháza Szentesi way).

Orosháza any lack of fishing equipment available.

Amenities in the guest house

  • Outdoor cooking / cooking, or place the loot even arrange a cheerful feast. 
    Is there room for the fish processing. 
    Cooking facilities, barbecue grills,
  • The quiet, seperate area with friends for a good dinner atmosphere can realize. May be heard in the music, go to drinking wine, singing and merry-making.

Group discounts

Call up your friends, fellow sports meet regularly with us a pleasant environment. 
The guest house is rented for groups up to 30 people.

As a bed and breakfast property is situated in a large-area, high number of families, several generations holiday together, even amusement.

If one of our guest house is rented out, then we can offer substantial discounts from the prices shown.


  • Panoramas - Restaurant
    Panoramas - Restaurant
  • Panoramas - Entrance, parking
    Panoramas - Entrance, parking
  • Panoramas - Back terrace
    Panoramas - Back terrace
  • Corporate events
    Corporate events

    Continuing Education - Class - Istanbul

  • Class Trips
    Class Trips

    Beach - fun - relax

  • Anglers

    Fishing ... or associations.

  • Pensioners' Meetings
    Pensioners' Meetings

    holiday - Spa - Meeting retirement

  • Family Vacation
    Family Vacation

    Recreation - Recreation

  • Sports Camp
    Sports Camp

    Sports - game - fun - relax

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